Radiant Floor Heating

Enjoy Luxurious Warmth

Any resident of Michigan knows better than to underestimate the importance of a trustworthy, effective heating system. When that first storm of the winter hits, you want to make sure you and your home are comfortable.

There are many heating systems that will do the job, but one you might not be aware of is Radiant Floor Heating. With more traditional heating, the distribution works with forcing warm air through ducts and letting convection do the work of spreading it through a room. Or, a radiator will emit heat to keep the room warm.

A Heating Alternative

Radiant floor heating is a different distribution method for the heat. In this case, the heating elements are inserted in/under your floor and diffuse the heat through it. This offers a few potentially attractive advantages:

  • Heat distribution is more even
  • Everything in the room is warmed directly rather than through circulation of heated air
  • Radiant floor heating can be more energy efficient
  • Because less air moves around, dust and allergens will circulate less

If you’re curious about the benefits and comforts of radiant floor heating, A+ Plumbing is the place to go. We can install radiant heating to make your space more warm and comfortable than ever! Contact us right away to find out more about this service!